New Construction/Remodel

Remodel Plumbing is usually the toughest specialty within the Kansas City plumbing industry. We find that there are not many plumbers who have mastered remodel plumbing. When plumbing for a remodel there are many unknowns that can cause major delays if not prepared ahead of time. With over 14 years of experience in remodel plumbing there is not much that surprises me anymore. Remodel plumbing is the most challenging part of plumbing, often you can spend much of the day figuring out how to get the pipes where they need to be when it seems impossible. After many years of practice I find it best sometimes to sleep on it and often in the middle of the night the solution will present itself. Yes I actually dream about plumbing if you can believe that, but that is where the most difficult problems are solved.

I am not alone on these brain racking jobs though, between my team and myself we have over 50 years of knowhow and experience in some of the most challenging plumbing remodels. Two heads are better than one and in this instance that is definitely true. There is no amount of schooling that can prepare you for what is involved with remodel plumbing, the only way to learn is with hands on experience. When you hire Quick Relief Plumbing for your remodel you can rest assured your Kansas City plumbing is in good experienced hands.

One of the biggest and most popular Kansas City plumbing remodels are master bathrooms. In a remodel of a master bathroom there is usually a finished ceiling below. In this instance we cut the floor up and plumb everything through the floor to prevent from damaging the ceiling below. It is more difficult to plumb this way but can save thousands of dollars in needless sheetrock patching and painting. Master bathroom showers are becoming more and more like car washes with body sprays, rainheads and handhelds, the options are endless. Another big trend we are seeing a lot of are free standing tubs, usually positioned as a centerpiece or focal point of the bathroom.

Kitchens are another remodel that has a lot of plumbing involved, from pot fillers to professional gas ranges the options are only limited by your imagination. Some of the kitchens we are doing these days have pot fillers above the range or cooktop, dual dishwashers, main sink and prep sink, butlers pantry with under counter ice maker, reverse osmosis filtered water to the ice maker and fridge and much more.

Outdoor kitchens are becoming very popular also. Many are designed as entertainment areas with fire pits, brick pizza ovens and outdoor fireplaces. These can be tricky to plumb but were always up for a good challenge. When Kansas City plumbing an outdoor kitchen it is essential to plumb it in such a way that it is easy to winterize. Some outdoor kitchens don’t have water going to them just a sink with a daylight drain for ice melt, this is usually used as an ice bucket to keep bottled drinks cool, others may have regular sinks and faucets, ice makers, filtered and chilled water. The more elaborate the more to maintain and sometimes it does not get used enough to justify the cost and upkeep.

Some of the problems we run into on remodel Kansas City plumbing is trying to get water, gas or drains to a new location with minimal damage to walls or ceilings. One example is trying to get a 1” gas line from the basement to the attic of a 3 story house without cutting any holes in the plaster walls or ceilings. This was definitely a challenge and one that seemed impossible. After getting our exercise running from the basement to the attic a dozen times trying to figure out the best route to take we started fishing the pipe from the basement up to the attic. After about 4 hours we finally made it with no holes cut in walls or ceilings.

Another problem that comes up often is not being able to put Kansas City plumbing where a designer wants it. When this happens we work with the designer, contractor and homeowner to come up with a solution. Sometimes the design changes slightly other times the solution can be as simple as framing a thicker wall. Whether your remodel is big or small the plumbing is a very important part of the remodel. The plumbing is always hidden in walls, ceilings and floors and once it is covered up there is no easy way to get to it. Having a plumber who is highly trained in remodel plumbing will know what questions to ask the designer or homeowner and have recommendations that alleviate future problems.

Remodeling your home can be very stressful, once it is done you want to relax in your newly remodeled home. The last thing you want to worry about are leaks, noisy pipes, awful sewer odors and mold. Hiring the right plumber for the job can make all the difference. So many times we have to tear apart a newly remodeled bathroom to fix with the prior “plumber” did. The cheapest guy out there is not usually the best, either is the most expensive plumber. You want the plumber with the most experience in remodel Kansas City plumbing, just like in the medical field you wouldn’t want an orthodontist operating on your brain even though they are both doctors.

We have on several occasions had to come in behind one of our competitors to finish up a plumbing remodel because they were not up to the task. This happens more often than not, the best way to make sure you are hiring the right company is with references from customers with similar scopes of work. Some of the remodel plumbing we have done has been listed in Kansas city publications. One in particular was the KC magazine home of the year. We take great pride in the remodel plumbing work we do as with all our work and look forward to helping you with your remodel project.